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Vegetable & Fruit: Dressings Sauces Dips

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Avocado salad dressing (Janet)
Avocado Salad Dressing (Janet)Vegetable Day
Baba gannouj (tangy eggplant dip)
Baba Gannouj (Tangy Eggplant Dip) Vegetable Day
Brian's mango dressing
Brian's Mango Dressing Vegetable Day
Chinese “brown sauce” (Gerri)
Chinese “Brown Sauce” (Gerri) Vegetable Day
Dressings Sauces Dips
Christine's Salad Dressing Vegetable Day
Coconut curry sauce for veggies
Coconut Curry Sauce For Veggies Vegetable Day
Cranberry sauce (Leslie)
Cranberry Sauce (Leslie) Vegetable Day
Creamy avocado dressing
Creamy Avocado DressingVegetable Day
Cucumber lime salad dressing
Cucumber Lime Salad Dressing Vegetable Day
Dipping sauce or dressing
Dipping Sauce Or Dressing Vegetable Day
Dressings Sauces Dips
Dressing, Dip, Lettuce Wrap Or Just Eat (Caitlin) Vegetable Day
Eggplant guacamole (Wally)
Eggplant Guacamole (Wally) Vegetable Day
Eloisa's Salad Dressing
Eloisa’s Salad Dressing Vegetable Day
Dressings Sauces Dips
Fajita Seasoning Vegetable Day
French dressing (Krissy)
French Dressing (Krissy) Vegetable Day
Fresh tomato salsa (Gilda)
Fresh Tomato Salsa (Gilda) Vegetable Day
Pineapple mango salsa dressing
Gerri’s Pineapple Mango Salsa DressingVegetable Day
Gilda’s Guacamole Vegetable Day
Habanera hot sauce
Habanera Hot Sauce Vegetable Day
Homemade Salsa Debbie
Homemade Salsa (Debbie)Vegetable Day

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