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Our program

Accu Weight-Loss “The Bead Diet” is a revolutionary program providing clients a means for fast, healthy weight loss with
no required exercise, no diet supplements and no surgery.

There are three scientific elements of the program:

The combination of these three elements ensures that, while on program, the body does not go into starvation mode. Clients burn only fat without the loss of muscle, organ mass or leaching minerals from the bones. There are no metabolic changes while on program and, therefore, no plateaus in fat loss during the weight loss phase. Clinical Trial

When clients reach their weight loss goal, they work one-on-one with an Accu Weight-Loss Consultant to create their own personalized maintenance program to ensure sustainability and long-term success.

pounds a month
minimum weight loss.
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The effects of acupressure are produced by massaging special “accu-beads” which are placed on the head directly behind the ears. The acupressure sends a signal to the brain achieving three critical goals:

  • Suppressing appetite
  • Blocking the brain from counting calories so there is no starvation mode
  • Causing the brain’s weight set point to be turned down, supporting long-term maintenance success

There are twelve relevant acupressure points, but only one point is active at any given time. It is critical that the “accu-beads” are placed correctly to ensure your body does not go into starvation mode.

Balanced nutrition

The nutritional aspect of the Accu Weight-Loss Program has been designed to provide complete balanced nutrition with a minimal amount of food to ensure:

  • Maximum fat loss
  • No starvation mode
  • No change to metabolic function
  • No plateaus in fat loss
  • No ketosis
  • No negative medical side effects
  • High energy
  • Simplicity

All nutritional food groups are included: protein, fats, amino acids, enzymes and fructose.

While on program, the food element is restrictive, but it is a temporary lifestyle change. During the Stabilization phase of the program, all other foods are reintroduced to the diet through personalized one-on-one meetings with
an Accu Weight-Loss Consultant.

Chi Gong breathing

Chi: The vital energy found in all things.
Gong: The practice and method to cultivate the Chi.

Chi Gong breathing increases the oxygen flow in the body. It has been incorporated into the program for the aerobic benefits. The positive effects include:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased focus and memory
  • Reduced mental and bodily stress

Chi Gong breathing is also utilized within the program as a tool to address food cravings.

For more information and further details about the program elements, listen to our free, no-obligation orientation.

What to do

  • Illness
  • Exercise
  • Holidays

one-on-one and
group support.

  • Office visits
  • 24/7 Support groups
  • Phone and email consultations

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  • Loss of significant inches
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • No medical side effects
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