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“The Change” – AW CHANGES what that means!


We are hot (not just flashes) and sexy

We are vibrant

We are caregivers

We are bread winners

We get things done

We are comfortable in our own skin

We are empowered

We don't settle for hard work with no results!

These are real women who have lost weight with AW. Photos have not been altered.


Something that works for US!
Reduce Your Fat, Not Your Muscles
without affecting your metabolism!
No pills. No required exercise.

Stacey N.

Aventura, FL
"Dear AccuWeight, You have saved me! I am a woman who continually struggles with weight and then menopause hit. I was watching my body blow up. I tried everything and anything to get the menopause weight off. Nothing worked! Until I found you AccuWeight...the pounds have started melting away and the support from the staff is amazing!! 30 lbs in 8 weeks! I am still going strong and loving this program!!! Thanks AccuWeight!"  more...


Lois K.

New York, NY
"After the challenge of menopause, I knew I needed to lose weight. I had also developed the hated apple shape around my midsection. With AccuWeight I lost almost 30 pounds. However, the biggest reward was regaining my waist back, and restoring a more youthful shape. I never imagined that I could once again have a pre-menopause figure with definition. AccuWeight made this welcomed "change" in my body possible."  more...


Cece S.

Miami, FL
"This is the only plan that has ever worked for me after years of trying literally every single possible diet, appetite suppressant, etc. I love Dr Schwartz's video broadcasts, the delicious recipes, and the holistic element of the AccuWeight program."  more...


Debra G.

Florence, NJ
"I'm going through menopause and was not able to lose any weight, I've tried all kinds of diets even weight watchers, I had done AW in 2011 and lost 57 pounds and kept it off for several years. So I decided to join AW again and low and behold I lost the weight. From 165-144 in 7 weeks. I love AW it really works. Even during menopause."  more...


Daphne C.

Bronx, NY

"I was 54, overweight, diagnosed with Lupus and just miserable. When I spoke with my doctor about my weight gain, I was told “it happens, you are menopausal and the meds you are on can have your numbers go up”. For months I went along with “it happens” and became more and more unhappy. My doctor had me convinced that I was too old and too sick to make any changes. I felt stuck."
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Barbara S.

Brooklyn, NY

"I started mid-September of 2016 and by the middle of December, I reached my goal of 130 pounds. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I LOVE THIS DIET!"
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Devorah N.

Lakewood, NJ

"I struggled for years to lose my weight. I always ate healthy-no sugar, white flour, measured portions, juicing vegetables, tons of water, tons of exercise. It was always so frustrating! I think as I aged, my metabolism slowed down but once I hit menopause, forget it. no matter how much I tried, weight loss stopped completely. In a leap of faith and desperation, I purchased a plan for 3 months. "
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Kalpana M.

Princeton, NJ

"I started AW when I was 54. I have been going through menopause since I was 49. At which time I weighed 145 lbs. Everyone told me that due to menopause I wouldn't lose weight. Some members of my family and friends would blame their menopause for their weight gain. I was determined to fight that myth. Through I friend I heard about AW and decided to give it a go. In 6 weeks I lost 30 lbs."
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Eliana P.

Miami Beach, FL

"No other program is as safe and healthy. I have more energy today at 52 than I did 20 years ago."


Evelyn W.

New York, NY

"I was approaching 60 and had been steadily gaining 2-3 pounds a week over a number of years and no longer felt attractive. So I checked with my internist and gynecologist: both said healthier to do the diet than to be obese. So I gave it a try. I stuck to it for 2.5 months with one break; lost 35 pounds; and kept it off for a number of years. "
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Terry S.

Manalapan, NJ

"Accu Weight-Loss is life changing. A simple plan that you commit to. It does what it says, you lose 15 pounds per month regardless of age. My results are simply spectacular! My confidence is restored, I am empowered and in control and I feel better than I have in years! I made the decision after seeing a co-worker's transformation. No gimmicks, no false promises, no nonsense - this is the program that delivers!"  more...


Kathy T.

Somers, NY

"This past January (2015) I turned 50 and I decided it was time to do something for myself and change my yo-yo dieting lifestyle. A friend of mine introduced me to Accu Weight-Loss and it was the best decision I could have made. In 3 months I lost 55 pounds! I haven't been a size 8 since I was in high school!"
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Keep it off with our proven 3 phase system.

  • Phase 1: Lose it
  • Phase 2: Stabilize it
  • Phase 3: Maintain it

Barbara Schwartz is an active member of (North American Menopause Society)

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