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Q. May I use creamer in my coffee?
Regular whole milk may be used in your coffee between 12pm and 6pm on your milk days. Non-dairy creamers are not allowed because they are not zero calorie and they all contain sugars and/or corn syrup solids which do not comply with the chemistry of the program.
Q. What can I do about hunger after 6 p.m.?
The body cannot tell the difference between thirst and hunger. If you experience hunger after 6 p.m. try drinking more water.
Q. Can I have sugar-free Jell-O after 6 p.m.?
You may have sugar-free gelatin any time (as long as you make it yourself). Please note, however, that sugar-free Jell-O pudding is not allowed at any time. You may also make ice pops from Crystal Light and/or any flavored drink that’s allowed 24/7 and enjoy that in the evening.
Q. May I have sugar-free gum and candy?
You may have up to 6 pieces of sugar-free gum and/or sugar-free candy any time of any day. For candies, no more than 10 calories each per piece.
Q. My friends want to go out to dinner tomorrow. May I use “Special Day” protocol?
No. Special Day protocol is only for very special occasions such as your daughter’s wedding, grandmother’s 90th birthday, grandchild’s christening, etc. Special Day protocol is still time off the diet – it is a guided way to go off plan, but is not part of the program itself. Use of Special Day protocol will slow down the weight loss for the week.
Q. If I make soup, do I weigh the vegetables before or after cooking?
The 1½ lbs vegetable allowance is raw weight. As a reminder, you are not required to eat the entire vegetable allowance – eat until you are satisfied.
Q. May I use chicken or beef broth when making soup?
No. However you may use vegetable stock or vegetable broth. Up to 8 oz may be used “free” (i.e., not counted as part of your 1½ lbs of vegetables). Over 8 oz, 2 oz of stock = 1 oz of vegetables. For your convenience, there is a vegetable stock recipe on the web site.
Q. May we use bouillon cubes?
You may use vegetable bouillon to flavor soup or to sauté vegetables but you should not drink it. Bouillon cubes are problematic due to their high salt content. We prefer you use vegetable broth or vegetable stock.
Q. I cheated and it’s a milk day. Should I have a 3rd milk day tomorrow
No. It is not healthy to have 3 days of either protocol in a row, as it is breaking up the nutritional balance of the program. Get right back on track by continuing with your normal cycle of food as if nothing happened. When you are feeling stronger about the situation, look back and learn a lesson about why you cheated – this way, the cheat wasn’t wasted time.
Q. I’m feeling very light headed. Is this normal?
Approximately 10% of our clients experience some light-headedness during the first ten days to two weeks of the program while the body is going through detoxification. The program is cleansing your body of refined sugars resulting in the normalization of blood sugar levels. This is very healthy, but if it happens quickly it may cause light-headedness. A spoonful of honey in a cup of hot tea and you’ll have relief in 5-7 minutes. If you have high or low blood pressure and are experiencing light headedness or dizziness, please speak to your consultant about the proper protocol to address your medical situation.
Q. May we use any condiments?
No. Most condiments contain vinegar, which will neutralize the chemistry of the program. All spices and seasonings are allowed.
Q. May we use Dijon Mustard?
Dijon mustard may be used in very small amounts as part of a recipe. For example, you may use a small amount of mustard as part of a salad dressing recipe to be used over many salads. A ¼teaspoon in a recipe used over many salads is the maximum.
Q. If the beads are only good for 9 days and I cannot get to the office to change them, what should I do?
Acupressure points go dull after 9 days. If you are unable to make it to one of our office locations but do not want a gap in your program, you may temporarily join the Long Distance Participation program. Contact the office with your current weight and either an email address or fax number. We will furnish you with a bead placement diagram and instructions for placement. You may move your current beads to the new location and secure with new bandaids. Please note, you will incur the normal office visit charge for this service.
Q. May I swim and take showers without losing beads?
Yes. On occasion, the bandaids used to secure the beads will fall off. You may replace these with any bandaid cut to size. It is rare to lose the beads themselves.
Q. May we have V-8 juice?
We prefer you do not have any type of juice on a fruit and vegetable day. It takes ½ lb - 1 lb of vegetables to make one 8-oz glass of V8 juice. As you are not having solid foods on milk days, we prefer your body has the opportunity to chew solid food on vegetable days. V-8 is allowed as an ingredient in making salad dressings as long as the dressing is spread out over several salads.
Q. May we have Fage (Greek) yogurt?
You may not use Greek yogurts such as Fage as they contain cream, not just whole milk. When in doubt, check the ingredient list--if you see the word “cream,” the answer is no. Please note, some whole milk yogurts such as Stoneyfield Farms market themselves as having "cream on the top." Again, check the ingredient list--often these do not have cream in them at all, it’s just a marketing tool.
Q. May we use Butter Buds, PAM or I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray (ICBINB)?
Q. I am craving salty foods, what should I do?
Q. Should I be exercising?
Q. May I have dried/dehydrated fruits?
Q. May we use Crystal Light?
Q. What can I do if I feel cold all the time?
Q. May we have Cool Whip?
Q. May we have hot chocolate?
Q. May I have Cocoa or unsweetened baking cocoa?
Q. Can I use Soy Sauce?
Q. My beads do not feel "even." Is that a problem?
Q. What is the significance of eating between the hours of noon and 6 p.m.?
Q. Can we use Sweet-N-Low brown sugar or Splenda brown sugar?
Q. Is a plantain a fruit or a vegetable?


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