Hi All.

With the holidays now behind us winter just pressing in on us. Weight loss is clearly in conflict because we use food for comfort and escape. Now what becomes important is to accept the fact that food is so powerful that when we are pressured, when we are stressed, when any kind of negative emotion even boredom impinges on us we tend to use putting something in our mouth to satisfy, to comfort, to escape.

Putting that aside for a moment I'd like to go back to my roots. To a brilliant physician years and years ago whose name was Sigmund Freud. Many people still follow his advice today and he said something that is important to us. He said that the basic personality and character of a person is developed during the first five years of life. That person being five years old is a child and it knows nothing about life. Yet that person lives within us and influences all of our behaviour.

We have been talking again and again and again about the child that lives within us. You who are watching me have that child within you but you yourself is an adult and how you deal with that child within you is extremely relevant in your ability to be successful in weight loss.

I want you to recognise something. You have never seen an adult having fun capital letters F-U-N. You have never seen an adult having fun who was not behaving as though they were a child. What does that mean? Adults have no capacity for fun only that child within you has that ability and that child is five years old, it has no real meaningful understanding of consequences and so this for today is what I want you to hear: Unless you begin to communicate as a loving adult to the child who lives within you, the conflict will grow, your ability to control your using food for comfort and escape will be compromised and if you begin to listen in and watch my videos I hope to give you more advice, suggestions and successful methodologies.

Have a great week, talk to you soon.

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