Hi all.

Here we are again and today I'd like to talk a little bit about sharing. I've been pointing out to people on a regular basis that the most successful program for addiction is Alcoholics Anonymous and they have a number of structures that make it successful. The first is the fact that when they go to meetings everyone in the room is admitting openly that they are addicted to alcohol. So everybody in the room is admitting they have the same issue, the same weakness and they don't have to hide from it. Secondly they feel comfortable and they feel safe because everyone around them is in the same boat although maybe at different levels.

Rosa whom I've talked about for many weeks, our spotlight of the month, is now on her eighth week of transition. She's lost a 157 pounds and one of the major reasons she was successful is because she was comfortable and openly sharing her weight-loss journey with her husband. He was totally supportive, he helped her cook, he marketed with her. Again the issue of sharing is there.

What I found this week in talking to many of the patients who came into the office was that the people who were most successful were the ones who had an opportunity in a positive way to talk openly about the issue of weight loss in their lives. The more they had to hold it in, the more my belief they had to use food to stuff themselves up.

What am I saying? Use our secret Facebook group, go to the Accu list, send me questions at, go to the website, the Facebook website that's and write something. Write a review, like it, that will prompt other people to do the same and the more open we are about our weight loss in a safe comfortable way the easier it's going to get to be compliant to create a new life for yourself with food to enjoy rather than food that you have to use for comfort and escape.

Thank you for watching, waiting to hear.

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