I'd like to do a perspective today and why women particularly have a difficult time dealing with the overall aspects of Weight Control.

Let's start with a woman, who is pregnant, she is happy. Forget about all the symptoms that may occur. Two months, three months, four months, five months, the fetus is growing inside her. She's thinking about it and now somewhere six, seventh months the fetus is being felt and the mother is beginning to recognize that not only is it growing within her but the time soon for the child to emerge is going to be there and there's some ambivalence. One: the issue of the pregnancy itself but now as the infant grows and becomes larger and heavier the mother is totally and completely nurturing that growing fetus and that growing fetus is becoming heavier and causing discomfort. Seventh month, eighth month let's get it over and done with already. The mother goes to the hospital and between one moment and the next several things happen. Out comes the infant. It's washed, it's wrapped. The woman has relief. They put the baby in her arms. Women tell me there is nothing like that experience coming to face to face with that infant that is emerged. She's exhausted, they take the infant away. Five, six, seven hours later the infant is returned. The smile is back again and the infant begins to fuss. Uh-oh now let's assume everything is instinctual the mother nurtures that child, the fussing stops, the infant falls asleep.

Let's break it down: infant uncomfortable-mother comforts. Uncomfortable-comfortable, uncomfortable-comfortable, uncomfortable-comfortable. Built into a woman's DNA is the recognition that food and comfort and the comfort bringing escape are inextricably bound together. There's nothing we can do about that. Men don't have that same overall instinctual ability but men they were once infants and remember when they emerged from the womb they went from a 100% being cared for to 0% and when they were brought back to that mother and began to fuss the nipple in the mouth brought comfort and so food and comfort for all of us are issues that we need to address.

Now we can live for weeks without food, we can only live for days without water. So therefore taking in is something that we all need and we recognize instinctively and then intellectually that if we are not fed then life is going to be over. Food is incredibly powerful, we can't do without it.

This leads us to where I want to get you to focus. Life is very stressful, all kinds of things are happening all the time and depending upon our capacity to deal with those kinds of things stress makes us uncomfortable and there's that instinct to use food to escape by being made comfortable with food.

Today I had three women in my office all three of them did not have a good week. One of them because of holidays, one of them because of family obligations and one of them who had two children who were graduating and parties and the pressure and the temptation to deal with that and all three said: dr. Schwartz I was bad this week. That's what got me, the statement which was judgmental about the self that they were bad. They weren't bad. They may have made a bad decision but they had every right to make that decision. So the issue here is once again food comfort and emotionality has brought everything together. How you deal with it becomes the issue you can at any time that you like as long as you're prepared put food in your mouth, those of you who are very overweight have done it very often and many times without thinking, you just do it. Others who are so aware of their sense of self and most of them that I've come across are narcissist so that the issue of food becomes for the most part secondary to making themselves the center of their own thoughts. So let's leave the narcissists away. What we have now is food and pressure. If you have a plan you can deal with it.

Accu-Weight-loss is helping you take the weight off. The program works there is no question about it. You would not be watching if the program didn't work. What we need to do is to accept the fact that unless we deal differently with that need to put something in our mouths for comfort that weight will always be a problem. Therefore let's do the magic protocol and talk to me by email or by phone if you find yourself resisting, not doing the magic protocol, having difficulty doing it all the time because once we understand what the resistance is we can change everything.
Thank you for listening.

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