Hi all.

Here we are back again and the child-self in me has been just pressing me to put him on the screen so here goes: Spring is here, the grass has rise, I wonder where the birdies is? All the birds is on the wing. My word that's absurd, all the wings is on the bird. I gave him his chance and let's focus on what it is that he said.

Spring is almost here. The spring festivals are going to be celebrated, are being celebrated and the main two religions in this country: the Judeo-Christian tradition is in focus. Passover and Easter and the reason I focus on them is because they impact on you. Its holiday season and the holiday for many means food and indulgence. What I've been talking about for the longest time is self-love, confidence, feeling good about it and asking a question. The question is: If it makes me feel so good to lose the weight, to be happy about the change in my body, to feel the growing confidence in the fact that I am taking over my decisions and then come the holidays and I find I break down. I compromise, I do things that I know after the fact are going to make me feel bad and yet they happen and I do feel bad and I am unhappy and I make excuses and I rationalize why I did what it is that I did and then I have to come back to the weight loss office. There's the sign Accu Weight-loss, The Bead Diet 15 pounds minimum in one month. Why go through all of that? Why not plan and prepare and enjoy? If I have a plan, if that plan is rational and if I'm willing to stick by my plan then I'm going to show self-love.

I don't know about you but I know that when I do things which say that I love me and particularly when I follow through behaviorally I feel incredibly good. I love being me and me who was being loved by me seems to prosper from it.

Now what it is that I'm saying: These holidays are celebratory. Celebratory means food but it also means that other people are going to be sharing this with me and they may not be thinking in the same way that I'm thinking but if I go in prepared to be responsive and not reactive. Remember the rule: act you're number one, react you can't be more than coming in second place. I love to win, it feels good, I know I can't win all the time but if I win even occasionally each time that I act in favor of me, to love me, I know I have a chance of succeeding. If I'm always reacting then my confidence is attacked by the fact that I'm not number one almost ever and therefore my expectations are reduced.

Limit your indulgences. How do you do that? No where you're going, have a sense of what's going to be happening and set a limit as to what you're going to do. What your behavior is going to be and if someone says: Come on let go, enjoy yourself. Look at them and say: You have no idea how good it feels for me to be controlling myself right now because to tell you the truth I really want that indulgence but I don't want to feel the guilt and remorse that I'll have after. I'm not excited and happy about not having it now but I know darn well I'm going to feel good about it after.

Have a plan, think about the plan, put it into action and verbalize with people. Speak out but don't speak out negatively. Tell them how you feel and why you're behaving in the way in which you’re behaving and add how good it makes you feel. There's a way of being a narcissist and doing it in a healthy manner.

Good talking to you.

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