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Hi all.

In thinking what I'd like to share with you today I had an experience this week which bears at least examining on some level. A woman came into my office she had been struggling on the program. It was her second time, she had lost weight in the past, done very well for a period of time and life circumstances had pressured her and she put back some of the weight and here she was again for the second time.

And when she came in she had been on the program for about a month and a half and had only lost about six pounds. She came in and she said: Dr. Schwartz I have to tell you what happened and I'm finished with fooling around. I said: what happened? She said: last weekend I got dressed, put a dress on and I went to church. I sat for the service, it calmed me, I felt peaceful and as I was going out a woman came up to me whom I hadn't seen in I would say two or three months and she said to me when are you due and I said excuse me? She said: the baby, when are you due? And I said: I'm not pregnant, I'm fat and I thought of you Dr. Schwartz.

I'm realizing that you've been telling me that I haven't been serious and I guess that's true. I do want to lose weight because I remember the first time around how good I felt with that weight loss not only that, I liked wearing clothes, I liked getting dressed and I was happy with myself. Somehow or other I've got lost and it took a woman at church telling me that I was pregnant to wake me up. Wake me up is the key because I have been floating, oh I do the program at least 4 to 6 days a week but I realize I don't do the program at least one or two days a week and I know you can't be successful and live the way I'm living.

We talked for a while and I said to her: let's focus in on something. Why is it that you want to lose the weight and she said: when I lost the weight the first time and I saw myself in the mirror it made me feel so incredibly good, the excitement filled my body. Situations and circumstances caused me to lose distance from myself. I've been listening to you and I'm ready to recommit. Okay I said what does recommit mean? She said I'm going out. I'm going to the store. I'm going to get the coughs drops that you wanted me to, the halls. I'm going to have them with me 24 hours a day/seven days a week and I needed to tell you because it's easier for me to commit and verbalize it to you when I don't trust myself at this point but I know that you will accept whatever it is I do but will tell me the truth.

I share this with you because this is summer and many of you are struggling. It's difficult not to enjoy yourself in the same way other people are around you. Food is incredibly powerful, socializing is incredibly powerful but here's the bottom line.  Candy, carrying something in your hand that's liquid and sipping on it constantly giving yourself something. Hear me giving yourself something rather than seeing yourself as having nothing and being deprived. Give to yourselves, lose the weight and that'll give you more.

Talk to you soon.

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