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My energy increased with the 2 Week Detox!

"The Bead Diet is perfect for those who want a kick start, my energy level immediately increased and I couldn't wait to look in the mirror each morning seeing my waistline decrease. Go do it!"

Seth Z., New York, NY

I lost 28 lb
in 7 weeks!


"It really works!
I was able to lose all the fat I needed. The support system is phenomenal, very supportive and inspiring"

Kalpana M., Princeton, NJ

I lost 12.25 inches in 12 days!


"My husband and I took our measurements on the first day and now again 12 days later. I have lost 12.25 inches and my husband has lost 11.75 inches!! This is an incredible journey that we are all on and it is really worth all of the effort!"

Colleen G., Bowerston, OH

Tips for Success

Commitment and self love.

The two things that I believe are extremely important if we're going to be not only successful losing weight but happy in doing it. And the two words are, one phrase and a word: self-love and commitment.

Recipe of the Week


Ice Pops

Makes 1 serving – uses none of your daily allowance



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