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I started the program in 2008 and in 3.5 months I lost 80 pounds

"I’m keeping the weight off and slowly losing more weight by keeping more of the Transition mindset in my day to day diet."

Gregory F., Newburgh, NY

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I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off for a year

"I struggled for years to lose my weight. I always ate healthy-no sugar, white flour, measured portions, juicing vegetables, tons of water, tons of exercise. It was always so frustrating! In a leap of faith and desperation, I purchased a plan for 3 months."

Devorah N., Lakewood, NJ

Tips for Success

Follow the GPS.

I had an experience a few days ago that I thought I'd bring to you as a learning experience that I had and maybe you can apply it to yourself.

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Cinnamon Yogurt

Makes 1 servings – uses 6 oz of your daily milk allowance




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